Sunday, October 12, 2008

My summer gig

Hello, all,

Here's the link to the performance I did at Tilly's in mid-August.

just scroll down until you see my picture. I also have video footage of the performance, but there's no sound. So, I'll have to try and synch up this audio with my video sometime. Look forward to that!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My students are musical!

I have the great fortune of teaching a Saturday class at DCTV, located in Chinatown in New York City. It is a wonderful facility where documentaries are constantly being produced, and a large part of the building (which is a renovated firehouse) has been converted into spacious classrooms where young people interested in learning about basic video production come to learn.

I meet with an amazing group of teens every week, and we are working on the basics of shooting and editing. This is one of our first exercises: a song cut together from a bunch of noises that we made one Saturday in July.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Too much of a good thing?

And now it seems I have two Blogs. That's OK, I guess. My friend David has something like 45 or 50 blogs. Must be the thing to do!

But I am a little bit OCD, so I'm going to create some guidelines for myself. This here site, Wise Child, will be where I showcase anything that I make, from movies to podcasts of live music shows, to jewelry, to hats, to bags, to you name it, in the hopes that someone will see one thing and want to give me some sort of a job, or help me sell my wares. You'll find a link to Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained in the upper right corner of this page. That'll be my personal blog, for pics of family and friends. If it appears to be something of a vanity blog, keep in mind that me mum started it. Love you, mom.

Let the games begin!

Taking things apart, putting them back together differently

Inspired by a link on my mom's blog (hip mama!), I took up my magazines and started collaging again the other day. As I did, I slowly began to realize that almost everything I like to do, from video editing (cutting footage together) to building things from recyclable materials (I'm working on some designs...don't rush me!) is some variation on the activity of breaking already existing things down, and putting them together differently. Perhaps, in this day and age, when, as The Who said "Everything [we] do's been done before," re-using, re-newing, and recycling is the most exciting way to create!

Mom's Blog:

Collage Blog:

Friday, February 29, 2008

My very first Blog entry

Hello, world!

I'm making my foray into the world of blogging because I'm full of sassy comments, Dorothy Parker-esque wit, and a vital and informed P.O.V. that I've been depriving this sad ole planet of for far too long!

When you visit Wise Child, expect to see great videos, hear beautiful music, and maybe get a few laffs. Also, if I make anything particularly cool, jewelry-wise, I promise to post a pic of it.

Just think: a few short years ago, I had no idea what a blog was. I was one of many women turned off by the mere word "blog." It sounded a bit too much like "blob" and thereby reminded me of the poor body image instilled in me by this society; a society that doesn't want women to participate in the vital, empowering blog movement!

Well, I'm here to say, "Phooey on you, Mr. Man. Women are bloggers, too!"

Now, in a metastasis of "Meta," I present to you, on my Blog, the video short entitled, "Blog."