Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Too much of a good thing?

And now it seems I have two Blogs. That's OK, I guess. My friend David has something like 45 or 50 blogs. Must be the thing to do!

But I am a little bit OCD, so I'm going to create some guidelines for myself. This here site, Wise Child, will be where I showcase anything that I make, from movies to podcasts of live music shows, to jewelry, to hats, to bags, to you name it, in the hopes that someone will see one thing and want to give me some sort of a job, or help me sell my wares. You'll find a link to Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained in the upper right corner of this page. That'll be my personal blog, for pics of family and friends. If it appears to be something of a vanity blog, keep in mind that me mum started it. Love you, mom.

Let the games begin!


Cheryl R. Silver said...

Sarah, I did leave a comment before, but I guess it didn't work. Great job! I am so proud of you!

freakyz68 said...

Hey, you didn't tell me about this blog! Do it! I need to update my blog too. I'll do it now.

Nick said...